Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

The other day the kids were getting restless so we headed outside to play in the hose on the driveway. Kevin thought it was so much fun to fill up the big bucket and then sit down in it and watch the water flow over the edge. I couldn't help but laugh when I looked over and saw him with his hands behind his head just relaxing.

Wyatt always wants to do what his big brother does so he filled up the turtle and started relaxing. He had so much fun kicking his feet and watching the water splash out.

There wasn't another bucket for Kyla girl but she was okay because that meant she got to control the hose! She happily drank from, splashed with and filled the buckets with the hose. And Mekyla is in her brothers underwear because she hates her swimsuit and we were just going to play in the water for a couple minutes. She looks like a boy but she had so much fun!

After a few minutes of playing outside clouds started to roll in and threaten rain. We weren't concerned because it never rains. Then lightening and thunder started and I thought it might start to sprinkle. Then the wind picked up and the clouds got even blacker.

Soon the rain was coming down in sheets and we all watched it from the back of the van. As I looked at the muddy river in front of our house I remembered that Auntie Moki always says, "come to our house when it rains". So I looked at the kids and said, "Should we go play in the rain at Auntie Moki's house?" They all shouted yes and off we went...

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