Saturday, July 2, 2011

Water Fun!

I didn't get any pictures of our tomato plants all heavy with tomatoes, but we got SO many tomatoes and had a lot of fun bottling 4 different kinds of Salsa. Nick got really good at cutting and draining tomatoes, sometimes Mekyla tried to help though and it ended up everywhere!

Jones let us borrow her water slide and keep it here so we could use it as often as we wanted to try and beat the heat. Kevin loves having a water slide at our house and has convinced Nick to put it up every weekend. He loves the hot, hot sun because it keeps him from getting cold.

Wyatt looks like a little bird to me in this picture! Wyatt loves the slide and is always asking for it, but I think his favorite part of 'the slide' are the snacks that we brings out to munch on while playing.

Mekyla is getting a lot more comfortable with the slide. She doesn't like going down it but she loves to play in the little pool at the bottom. She climbs in and out, in and out, wraps up in a towel, sits on Daddy's lap and just loves playing with her brothers.

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