Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Even though David got a clean bill of health we have been trying to sit outside a lot and soak in some Vitamin D. And this year is flying by SO fast that winter is going to be upon us very soon and we won't have the beautiful sun shine to play in.

But you can't sit outside and not play in the water because it is just too dang hot!! The other day when Daddy was home I suggested that we play with the hose on the trampoline! I was a little afraid of another broken leg but quickly got over it and into the fun. Kevin loved jumping and running around while Daddy 'tried' to get him with the water. He squealed and played until Daddy and I couldn't take it anymore and had to drag him inside :o)

Wyatt loved the water but was a little leery about the trampoline. I'm not sure how long it will take him before he isn't hesitant on the tramp anymore. Normally Wyatt doesn't like to be sprayed with water but he really seemed to enjoy it. He ran and bounced and giggled almost as hard as Kevin. He liked to try and catch the water in his mouth too which surprised me because he would almost drowned himself each time, but he did it over and over again.

Mekyla pretty much loves to do whatever her brothers are doing and thinks that if she is near them and copying them then they are playing with her and having a great time. She doesn't really like water at all but as long as Daddy didn't spray her too much and only her legs, she was pretty happy.

Kevin grabbed Wyatt and Kyla's hands and said, You can't get us Daddy. So Nick sprayed them and they all 'fell' unto the trampoline in exaggerated fashion while giggling and saying, Oh no you got us, curse you!

David seemed to enjoy the hot sun and always has his eyes wide open to watch everything. This is a picture of the straight line on his hand. He only has it on one and we are hoping that means he will be smart like his Daddy.

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