Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here Horsey

We have a pasture right by our house with horses. One of the horses is really friendly and always come over to see if we have anything for him to eat. So we went over the other morning to feed him some apples we had that were going brown. Our neighbor was out in the field and brought over several of the horses so the kids could pet, feed and even sit on them!

Kevin was really excited to get to sit on the horse. He beamed as he sat there and pet the horse and talked to him. He never asked to get down and didn't mind when the horse started walking along the fence to eat another apple he spotted on the ground. He is a regular cowboy.

Wyatt liked watching Kevin on the horse and said that he wanted to get on the horse but as soon as he was actually ON the horse he changed his mind! He sat very stiff and asked to get off as soon as he got up there. Our neighbor told him to pet the horse and so he did and then asked again to get off :o) I guess he is a cowboy in training!

Mekyla would NOT get on the horse! She loves animals from a distance!! She liked to pet the horse and liked to watch it but when he went to put her on the horse she grabbed onto him and wouldn't let go. She had her arms legs and anything else wrapped around him :o) So he just held her for awhile and let her pet the horse.

The kids had a lot of fun and I think we are going to do it often because it is good for the kids to get used to horses and it was something fun to do together.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, fun pictures :-)