Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just a little bit of water

We were outside soaking in some 'not so hot' morning sun rays the other day and waiting for Daddy to get home. Kevin declared that he needed a drink of water and so Wyatt did and then of course so did Kyla.

So they all went inside and came out with their cups of water and stood there and drank them gone. Then went back in re-filled, came back out and drank away.

David and I just hung out in the sun while the older kids went in and out and drank their water.

We waited quite a long time ... 10-15 minutes ... all the while the kids are drinking away. Finally after finishing his 5th or 6th cup Kevin says, Mom my tummy is going to explode I don't want to drink anymore. Haha, funny kid.

So when Kevin stopped drinking everyone else stopped drinking and Daddy arrived shortly after and started wrestling with them and I hoped that Kevin's tummy wouldn't explode!

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