Thursday, August 18, 2011

Misc Kid Update

Kevin is such a funny kid. He keeps us laughing all the time. The other day at sleep overs he told Grandma, "You have old legs Grandma". When she made a sad face he quickly added, "Your face is fine and your arms and the front of your legs. Just the back of your legs look old"
Kevin is such a great boy. He loves to snuggle still and he loves to help out. He is a lot like Nick and gets really focused on what he is doing and tunes everything else out. It's hard to get his attention sometimes but he is always the first to go grab something or to ask if I need help.
I love this picture because it really shows how tall Kevin is getting. I put his information into an online calculator thingy and it predicted that Kevin would be 6'2". Nick says there is no way but my Dad says that Kevin is very stocky and one day all that 'stock' might just thin out and grow into a tall lean man. I just know that no matter how big he gets, or doesn't get, he will always be my favorite Kevin.

Wyatt is a color all his own. He loves all things girl but is such a boy. He isn't daring but is always the first to jump off something or start a wrestling match on the living room floor. He loves his Blankies, loves to have his skin rubbed and loves to climb into our bed in the morning and fall back asleep.
Wyatt gets scared at loud noises but is getting a lot better at how he handles it. He doesn't just stand there and start to cry anymore. He covers his ears, looks for the noise and then backs away if whatever is making the noise scares him.
Wyatt is starting to be a great helper. He gets upset when I ask Kevin to do something and not him. He will come up and ask, "what me Mom, what me" and wants me to ask him to go get something for me as well. If I could get him to share with Kyla as much as he wants to help me I would be one happy Mommy!

Mekyla is in heaven. She has a Daddy that is wrapped around her finger. 2 older brothers to torment and a baby brother to hold and squeeze and kiss. If she could get Mommy to let her get away with more I think she would be happier! Kyla's favorite thing to do right now is grab a box of toys from their room and take out every toy in the box. She just takes them out and sets them on the floor. Sometimes she will play with one but only for a minute and then back she goes to pulling toys out. It almost sounds like a good thing right? She quietly sits there and pulls toys out? Well she does it really fast and as soon as all the toys are out of one box she moves onto another and another and by the time I have fed and burped David, their whole room is covered in toys and almost every box is empty!
Mekyla does love to play outside. She wakes in the morning ready to go play outside. I love that all of my kids are outdoor kids and I need to get better at taking them out more. Kyla love to get dirty. She runs outside and if there isn't a mud puddle to jump in, she turns on the hose and makes one.

David is a WONDERFUL baby. He still only wakes once in the night and is sticking to a schedule really good. He is a very calm baby and very alert. He never really had that 'newborn' stage where they do nothing but sleep or cry. He sleeps a lot but he is also awake a lot and just lays there and stares at everything around him. And I KNOW he is focusing on things that he shouldn't be able to focus on yet! Nick and I have both mentioned how interested he is in everything and everyone around him. He isn't smiling yet but when you talk to him you can see his eyes twinkle. He is intoxicating and we can not get enough of him!

Nick and I are doing well. Nick is having fun at work catching as many DUIs as he can and I am trying to figure out how to spend the most time I can enjoying my kids and still get my chores done!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

What a fun update on your kids!! I love your kids... they are so sweet and fun! Thanks for sharing! Oh and I love that picture of David! :)