Saturday, August 13, 2011

Misc Mekyla

Mekyla has decided that she Loves stickers. She is always getting into my sticker drawer and pulling out the yard sale stickers. She puts them all over her body while she talks and sings and pretends something. It is funny to watch her and a cheap way for her to stretch her imagination.

Don't know where she found the chocolate but she did and I'm thinking she enjoyed it!

Wyatt just figured out about 5 months ago how to use a scooter. Mekyla always goes over to the scooter and puts both feet on and then rocks her body back and forth to try and get it to go. Well the other day she put one leg up and one leg down and took off!! She is WAY to little to know how to use a scooter!

Nick got home the other morning and Mekyla would NOT let him let go of her. She clung to him and cried and threw quite the royal fit! So of course Nick gave in and held her and soon she was fast asleep. This was surprising because she had only been awake for an hour.

Well while she was asleep Daddy slipped off to bed and I checked her temp. Poor little thing had a low grade fever and she slept on the floor by me almost the whole day. She did a mirror performance that night when Nick woke up to go to work. She clung to him and cried, Please Daddy. I have NO idea how he walked away from her crying and reaching for him but he did and she snuggled me in my bed that night.

During the night her fever broke and she was able to sleep well. The next morning when she woke she was perfectly happy and played all the next day.

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