Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Swimming.

Alex is learning how to float on his back so Kevin thought he would give it a try. Kevin kept saying, "It's easy Alex. Do it like this" Kevin just didn't understand why Alex couldn't do it! We explained that Alex Wasn't using a floaty so it was a lot harder to float. Kevin thought about trying without a floaty and then changed his mind. He did however spend the rest of the time at the pool like this. I'm just glad he had enough sunscreen on and didn't end up with a burnt face!

Wyatt was so funny when we went to the pool with the Villezcas' and G. Castle. He didn't want to swim in the pool with all the other kids, he just wanted to swim in the little corner between the ladders. Grandma was great and she stood there and helped him jump in the corner over and over again.

Mekyla has really taken off in the water. I am still leery of letting her go swim on her own because I'm afraid if she tips over it will scare her and then she won't want to get in the water again. I am so happy about her enjoying the water, swimming and splashing that I don't want anything to scare her back into just hanging on the edge of the pool with her legs in. Aunt Oki was great to stay close to her and help her when needed.

My Dad has a picture of Alex, Kevin and Jake swimming with their colorful floaties on. Since we were all together we thought we would take a new picture for him to hang in his office.

It was fun going to the pool together. All the kids had so much fun.

Since I am not allowed in the water yet and the water was a little too cold for David, we sat and watched everyone. It was very warm outside and David's head was sweating on my arm or my arm on his head! Anyways when his hair gets wet it goes into these perm curls! They are all over his head and it seriously looks like he has a perm :o) Totally adorable! Wyatt has some curl, Kyla has more curl and David seems to have more then both of them. His hair might be interesting to do when he gets older!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

I love the curls! And that picture with all the colorful floaties is fun.