Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sleep Over

We had a sleep over this weekend at Uncle Nate & Aunt Kelli's house. We had a lot of fun and need to do it again!

Caiden and Kevin are 6 months apart. It looks like Kevin is leaning against the wall so I don't think Caiden is really that much taller then Kevin but I wouldn't be surprised.

Rylan and Wyatt are 3 months apart. And in this picture Rylan is the one leaning so he really has Wyatt by a few inches!

Maddi and Kyla are 1 day apart and pretty nip and tuck with other. These girls are too funny, they are either best friends or worst enemies and it changes every 15 minutes or so!

Katelyn and David are 6 months almost 7 months apart and Katelyn is a tank! She looks like a normal chunky baby but that girl has got some girth! I am always shocked at how heavy she is when I lift her. But she is just as cute as she is heavy! David is small anyways but he just looks so itty bitty next to her.

All the kids started in the same room watching a movie but Nate and Kelli's kids all wanted to go to bed so they all ended up in their own rooms. All too soon we won't be able to get them to turn off the movies and go to bed! I'm happy that they each have a cousin close in age that they can be buddies with and create memories with.

The girls were so funny. The babies were on the ground and the girls were competing on who could entertain them better. Maddi started Peek-a-Boo so Kyla started to sing. Kyla gave kisses so Maddi started tickling. It was cute to watch but I had to put an end to it because it the competition was escalating !
Thanks Jones' for letting us come play, it was fun!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

It is fun to play... and we should do it more often! I'm glad they each have a kid close in age too. So umm... when you making your announcement? :D The routine must go on! Hehe! Oh and you aren't kidding... Katelyn really does look like a giant next to David! But then... she is almost the same size as Madi! Thanks for the pictures.. I might have to steal them! :)