Monday, August 15, 2011


Nick didn't put our pool up this year because he said we need to get a shade for it because after a couple weeks the water is too hot to swim in. So we planned on going to the local pool. However it took us 3 tries before we actually got to swim.

We meant to put Kevin in swimming lessons this year but missed the sign up. Nick worked with him but he kicks his legs like he is riding a bike not up and down so he sinks very fast. he loves to float on his back though and really loves jumping into the water. He doesn't need Nick to catch him buut sometimes he does just for fun.

Kevin wanted to jump off the diving board but the dumb pool rule is that you can not jump off the board with a floaty on?!?! But you can jump off and have someone catch you?!?! How totally dumb is that?? Anyways Kevin didn't want to jump without his floaty but Wyatt did! Which shocked us all. He went right to the edge and jumped without hesitating. I thought he would get to the end of the board, look down and change his mind but no. Wyatt's head never went under water but Nicks did for a LONG time. I was beginning to think he wasn't going to come back up and the lifeguard kind of sat forward but then his head broke the water and they swam to the edge. Wyatt wanted to go again but Nick said no :o)

Mekyla has never liked water. She hates tubbies, she hate pools. But all of the sudden when we went to the pool the other day she just jumped right in and LOVED it! She was having so much fun swimming around and jumping off the edge. She giggled the whole time we were there and didn't want to go. I think we might have another fish on our hands!

Nick is pretty talented. The kids would all line up and then count...123 jump! Kevin would jump off to the side but Wyatt and Kyla would jump straight at him. He was pretty good at catching both of them and they loved it.

Even though the pool is only open for 5 weeks and it is only open for 4 hours a day this year, the kids are having a blast and love that they get non stop attention from Daddy while they swim.

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