Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bubble Fun.

Jake and Kevin go to music class together on Tuesdays and sometimes they need a parent to go. So Moki and Nick take turns going to class and when Moki goes we watch her other two boys. The other day while Alex and Emmitt were at our house we decided to play bubbles!

Class is 45 minutes and we were shocked when we were still outside playing bubbles when Jake and Kevin came home. They were really excited that we were all outside playing bubbles and they joined right in.

The kids had such a fun time playing together outside and their imaginations were running wild. I love when the kids get to play with their cousins. I love watching their relationships grow. I know they will be friends that can depend on each other and help each other.

Thank you Villezcas Family for coming over to play. We love you!

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