Sunday, September 4, 2011

David's Blessing

Luckily Kevin's Birthday party and David's blessing fell on the same weekend. Family had already traveled down and they were able to attend both on the same trip. Kevin Jones Sr. was dearly missed. It is on occasions such as these that we are painfully aware of him being gone. Nick said it was hard to think of his Dad not being there in the circle, to feel his ruff hand under the baby, to know he was right there, supporting him. Of course we talked about him being there in spirit, but sometimes you want the body there and not just the spirit.

We are grateful to the wonderful men who were there. Nick, Nate, Tom, Pa Castle, Arthur and Bryan were there. Nick gave a wonderful yet simple blessing. Nothing was said that really stood out to me. He was blessed to be valiant, to be an example, to share the gospel with others. he was blessed to serve a mission, marry in the Temple and to raise a family. After Nick sat down he said that he had the feeling that David would be a very simple person. Not dumb or weak just simple. He said that he felt like he would be a lot like his Dad. Unassuming, quiet, happy always in the background but someone that everyone depended on, strong, faithful and simple. I don't think that David could receive a better compliment then that and I hope he does grow to be a wonderful man like his Grandpa Jones.

David was great during the blessing. He didn't make a peep. He was drinking his bottle right before Nick took him up and he hadn't burped yet. David burps like a full grown drunken man and Nick was worried he was going to belch into the microphone. He said that if David did one of his manly burps into the mic that he was 1 going to laugh and 2 be slightly embarrassed because people would probably think it was him. No one can believe that such a big burp can come out of such a small baby. Luckily he held it in until after the blessing.

We had a beautiful Testimony meeting and my brother Bryan got up and bore his testimony and told my parents how much he loves them. It was a wonderful thing to hear because I think some of us doubt it sometimes. I always want to get up a bear my testimony after my babies have been blessed, but my heart is so full that I know I would just stand up there and cry so it wouldn't do any good.

After Sacrament we went back to our house for a luncheon and found our house full of smoke! It wasn't on fire but the casserole we had put in the oven overflowed and was burning. The food was yummy, the house smelled bad :o) But it was nice to sit and visit and enjoy the spirit of Family.

David Ibrahin Jones
Blessed September 4th
by his Daddy.
Booties made by Grandma Castle.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

Thanks for making me cry Esther!! :) Kevin is greatly missed and David would be truly blessed to be like him. He is already a very sweet and happy baby!! We love you guys!