Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kevin's party

I like to have my kids birthday parties on their actual birthdays. We always put balloons in their room so they wake up to a floor full of balloons and we do the special breakfast and all that. Well this year it just wasn't possible do Kevin's party on his birthday so we had it Saturday the 3rd. Since it wasn't his Actual birthday we only did a couple balloons to wake up to in his room.

Kevin decided way back in July, while looking through a birthday express catalog, that he wanted to have a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday party. I am not sure how Sonic became so popular again after so long but it has and Kevin is addicted! We ordered his Sonic party stuff and when it came he was SO excited. I think he told everyone he saw for weeks about his Sonic Party.

Grandma Castle came over before naps and brought Kevin a Birthday surprise. All the kids loved Kevin's surprise and didn't sleep well for naps :o)

We decided to have Kevin's party at the park around sunset. We figured it wouldn't be so hot, the kids could just run and play (no games for me to plan) and then they could play with the glow sticks we brought. Well it was still pretty warm for all the kids, since they were running around like little hedgehogs, but I think everyone had a lot of fun.

We found this Sparkler candle for Kevin's cake and we thought it was awesome .... it was awesome ... except that we were done singing happy birthday and the sparkler was still going! Kevin tried to blow it out but we just had to wait for it to burn out.

Sonic attire was not required but almost all of the Castle clan came wearing Sonic shirts. Kevin thought it was the Best Party Ever! I was planning on there being some park lights to light up the tables so we could see to eat cake and open presents but there weren't!

So Daddy and Uncle Arfur grabbed out their flashlights and the party moved on. Kevin loved all the presents and didn't want the party to end. We did a Pinata at the end and oddly Kevin decided that he didn't want to hit the Pinata? He used to like them but all of the sudden he, "Just doesn't like them so much". He did have fun watching everyone else though.

Thank you to everyone who came. We had a lot of fun and Kevin said that he already knows that he wants another Sonic party for his next birthday! I'm thinking he will probably change his mind but then again he might not.

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