Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's go fly a kite.

It was perfect kite flying weather the other day so we headed up to the Castle where they have the best wind.

Mekyla had so much fun sitting with Grandpa and watching the kite. She wanted to hold it all by herself but because we didn't want it to go flying 'up to the hightest height', Grandpa did most of the flying.

Kevin thought it was a lot of fun too! He liked to see how far out it would go. He didn't like reeling it in at all but he would when Pa told him too.

After Pa talked to him and made sure he understood that he Could Not let go he handed over the kites. Kevin thought it was So Awesome to hold the kites all by himself and even more Awesomer to hold 2 at the same time.

Wy-Wy was not into the holding the kite thing. We are starting to think that he is afraid of heights. He doesn't really like when Nick holds him up in the air or when we lift him up to look over things. But he had a lot of fun exploring the field and hill.

Wyatt loves to show me how Strong he is. Nick always calls him his little Stud. Kevin is handsome but Wyatt can just melt you with a look and a smile.

Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa Castle for letting us come play!

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