Friday, September 9, 2011


Kevin is such a wonderful helper. He loves to hold baby David and he loves to play with his brothers and sister. Almost on a daily basis Kevin will say, "Mom I wish I lived at Aunt Mo's house. I love her house. She has great toys and snacks and movies. Can we live there?" And if that isn't enough to make this Mom feel bad, when he isn't asking to live at Aunt Mo's he is saying, "Mom do you remember when we lived at the Castle? The Castle is such a wonderful place to live. It has video games and a jacuzzi and movies and swings and we would all be so happy if we lived there"

This is all a little crushing to this Mommy's ego but I'm so glad that he loves his Grandparents and the Villezcas Family. It has made me want to make sure that I do a lot more fun things so I can make Our House the Bestest and Funnest house ever.

Wyatt has turned into a little stinker this month. He mostly ignores David and gets annoyed when he cries but he does come over every once in a while and wants to hold him for a couple seconds and gives him a kiss. Wyatt has been trying to get away with a lot more than usual. He still fights with Kyla on a daily basis but he is also starting to stand up to Kevin more and is a punk sometimes. The other day when we were in the van he reached over and slapped Kevin out of the blue for no reason! When I asked him why he slapped Kevin he said, "Heavenly Father told me to." What!?!? I tried so hard not to laugh and to give him my most serious face while telling him that Heavenly Father would Never tell him to slap Kevin! Even though Wyatt has been a little stinker he is still our biggest snuggler. He loves to curl up on my lap with his blankie and binkie and wants me to rub his skin. I love my snuggle bug.

Mekyla is Mekyla! She has so much energy and is always on the go. She climbs things I never thought she could and gets into more things then the other kids, Put together! She keeps us on our toes and keeps me very alert. I know that I can only let her out of my sight for 2-3 minutes before I need to check and see what she has found to get into. Kyla is fascinated with her nose and boogers right now. She always has a finger in her nose and when she actually finds something, she will hand it to you and say, "eewww" over and over again until you have cleaned her fingers. The boys are always very grossed out when she shows them. we are starting to worry about her teenage years because she is so interested in everything. We hope that we can help point that curiosity and energy in the right direction because if she puts her mind to it she could accomplish amazing things!

All the kids are in LOVE with the Lion King and Rio. Kevin got Rio for his birthday and I think it has been played everyday this month! Lion King isn't quite as popular but very very close!
The kids walk around the house singing,"Rio, Rio" and when I turn the music on they stop whatever they are doing and start dancing. Wyatt and Kevin have been pretending that they are lions and Kyla is just happy to play with them.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

How fun!! And that is just funny about Wyatt!! Out of the mouths of Babes! :) Love your kids!