Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sleeping Angels

We moved Kyla out of the crib and into a Big Girl Bed. She wasn't very excited about it so we moved Kevin's bed right next to hers and she was very happy. Kyla has to have a special blankie with satin ribbons and she has to have 2-3 baby dolls when she goes to bed. Kevin has been such a sweetheart and he talks to her, sings to her and holds her hand when they go to bed. Kevin really is such a big helper and loves his siblings SO much.

Wyatt has slept with this dinosaur almost Every night since he got it for his birthday. He loves it and is usally asks for things in a "Rawr". Kevin was not a blankie baby and I don't know why but I Love that Wyatt loves his blankie from Great Grandma Mac. He is just so cute when he carries it around and rubs it on his face when he is falling asleep.

David is an excellent sleeper. He usually sleeps about 6 hours so if I lay him down at 8 I only have to wake up at 2 and then not again until the kids come in, in the morning. It is such a blessing and I am very grateful. I love snuggling him in the night while feeding him and am trying to soak in the quiet time that he and I have together. I am trying to get him to nurse in the night so I don't have to feed him and then pump but he is NOT interested at all. I will keep trying but I don't have much hope.

Hope you are all having great nights.

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Fire -n- Ice said...

You have such adorable kids!!