Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Jones'!!  They didn't do a trunk or treat this year on Halloween night so we actually went Trick or Treating door2door, just like in the "old days". Then we went to the Castle for a Bonfire.

I was done getting ready and was about to put my make-up away when Nick said "what about me?".  I was surprised that he wanted make-up but happily agreed.  He said that he wanted to look like Cpt Jack Sparrow so I did a lot of dark eye make-up and gave him some darker whiskers :o)

Kevin went as Sonic.  He was SO excited for Halloween to come so he could wear his costume that Grandma Castle made.  He was going to have bare arms and white gloves but it was cold so he ended up with white arms and bare hands.  Kevin's favorite part of the costume was the head piece that Grandma Castle made.  My favorite part was spraying his hair blue, it looked awesome!

Wyatt went as Tails.  He begged for a week to wear his costume before Halloween.  Wyatt loved everything about his costume, except the hair color.  It is cold when you spray it on and he was not happy about it.  I love the little double tail that snaps on/off.  Helooked SO adorable.  While in the van I was going to tell Wyatt to Sit but someone was asking to Eat candy and so I said "Eat [pause] Sit" Wyatt looks up and me and says "Eat Shit? Kevin Mom said Eat Shit".  Now he didn't really cuss, he was saying Sit but his 3 yr old speech isn't very clear :o)  Needless to say we were all laughing!

Mekyla went as Amy, Sonic's girlfriend.  She looked so cute with pink hair!  Her costume was kind of pieced together but she loved it.  She pranced around and twirled and loved saying Trick or Treat!  I thought she would be afraid of the dark streets, with the dogs barking and all the scary faces but she was a trooper.  Even when her bucket was full of candy and pretty heavy, she still wanted to carry it all on her own.  After a couple hours she finally gave in and let Daddy carry her but as soon as she saw the other kids get close to the door she wanted down, wanted her bucket and ran for the door.

David was Nick's shoulder parrot, although we joked that he looked more like a stuffed parrot.  He looked adorable in his little costume with all these stripped feathers down his arms and on his bum, that Grandma Castle sewed.  I should have done a different head band though because the white one with the feathers, kind of, makes him look like a little Indian, but he isn't, he's a parrot!  He was very good all night.  He stayed awake Most of the night and just looked around.  He did get to taste a tiny bit of chocolate for Halloween :o)

We were quite the group walking up to a door and some people seemed a little overwhelmed!  The kids were all very good and they would yell Trick or Treat and then wait patiently for their turn to get some candy.  Everyone looked so cute and I think the kids had a lot more fun because they were with their cousins.

Here is a picture of almost the whole gang! We laid the seats down in the van so the kids could just jump in and out. Nate & Kelli were great and rode in the back with the kids the whole time.

Mekyla kept wanting to eat her candy after every house.  We kept telling her no so finally she just took matters into her own hands.  I think it's funny that she took a bite out of a crunch bar :o) She actually bit through the wrapper and everything.  She must have bit hard because there was no tearing, just a perfect cut out of her teeth.  She is such a funny girl!

We bought a bunch of full size candy bars for Halloween and we were going to hand them out at the Castle.  But we had so much fun Trick or Treating that we didn't get there until late and only got to hand out a couple.  So not only did we have a lot of left over candy bars but we had all the candy that they got door2door.  The kids were happy to end their night at the Castle.  They snuggled with Grandma and Pa and got to burn a couple marshmallows :o)

We thought about bathing them before bed but they were so exhausted that we decided we would just wash the bedding and them in the morning!

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Kari said...

I just read your comment from my blog and I honestly want to tell you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You said such kind words and it is so nice to put a name & face to the person that made that sweet Bunny! Bree loves it!

You are one of those people that went that extra step and did something so thoughtful for us when Bree was doing treatment. I will tell you that we hold that Bunny in special regard and I apologize that I never thanked you formally. We keep it with her "special" toys but Bree will often go find it and play with it along with her babies and dolls.

Thank you again for your prayers in her behalf, for thinking of our family and for reaching out to us in our time of need. You'll never know the effect you had on us during that time, but please know it did help us! Thank you!! If you would like to email me, I'll send you the link to our blog. :)

Kari Cook