Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mekyla's Birthday Party

I have issues with birthdays ... I want the party to be ON their birthday. Well Kyla's birthday was on Sunday so we decided to skip the whole "party" thing and just have a nice family dinner with cake and presents.

Nick made his Really yummy BBQ Chicken with corn. And family brought other really yummy sides to go with.

Mekyla loves chicken and she LOVES corn on the cob! She will eat it from a can but she prefers it to be on the cob?

Mekyla was Really excited about her birthday cake and loved when everyone was singing to her but ...

She did NOT like when everyone stopped and she had to blow out the candle!! Daddy tried talking her into it but she wouldn't have it. She cried and clung to his shirt so he blew it out for her.

After the candles were blown out she was happy to demolish her Princess cake! Really she only took a few bites but she giggled and thought it was great.

Most of the family chipped in and got this pink motorcycle with passenger cart and she was in love! She had so much fun riding around and giving her new little pet a ride. We thought it would go a little faster but she didn't seem to mind that it was kind of slow.

Thank you to everyone who came. It was a great birthday. Kyla loved the attention and presents and Mommy loved that there was NO stress because there was nothing to plan and Daddy did the cooking!!

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