Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Daddy had to work so we went to the Castle to carve pumpkins.  Kevin was still totally grossed out by the pumpkin insides but was a trooper and cleaned out his pumpkin very well.

I almost had to force Wyatt's hand into the pumpkin to get him to touch it, but Grandma Castle convinced him it was fun and pretty soon he was cleaning his pumpkin like a pro!

I tried helping but the boys both wanted Grandma to help and she was happy to dig in there so I stood back and enjoyed.

Kevin is smiling but seriously a split second after I took this picture his face turned to panic and he desperatly searched for soemthing to clean his hand with.  Kevin is kind of a germ-a-phobe! He hates getting dirty/messy.  Cleaning pumpkins really was a big step for him and I was very proud.

Kevin's pumpkin was Ferb.  He thought it was "so so so awesome" and Grandma even took him in the pantry to see it light up!

Wyatt's pumpkin was Mickey Mouse.  He had seen Kevin's light up and he was really excited to light his up.  Every time Grandma Castle would make a cut he would say "all done, lets go light!"  He tried to be patient when Grandma Castle would tell him, not yet, and he was very happy when it was finally time to put a candle in his pumpkin.

Thank you Grandma Castle for the fun pumpkin carving adventure!

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