Saturday, October 29, 2011


I think I say this every time I talk about Kevin but he is such a wonderful boy and always so helpful.  He loves his siblings and always wants to help me with anything I need.  He is sad that he doesn't get to go to Mrs. Wheelers for school this year, but he is really enjoying his new Tree School.  He loves being 5 but he thinks it is going to take FOREVER for him to grow big.

Wyatt is just adorable.  He still whines a lot but he also loves a lot.  Wyatt loves to snuggle and loves to help with chores.  He hates to be alone and has very sensitive feelings.  Wyatt LOVES to be tickled.  When you say, "I'm going to tickle you" he runs at you not away! Wyatt is still addicted to dinosaurs and loves the ones that Grandma Castle made for him.  He wants more, more, more dinosaurs.

Mekyla is such a little stinker and such a little girl. She loves to torture her brothers and she loves her Daddy.  If she hears any little noise in the morning she jumps out of bed and runs to the laundry room and yells "Daddy"!  One morning Wyatt came in crying and his underwear was all wet.  I thought he peed, nope! Come to find out, Mekyla had wiped her snotty nose all over his underwear and they were COVERED!!  It was so nasty.  Mekyla loves to get dirty! She is always the first to run outside and lay down in the dirt.  We have to lock her in the house on Sundays or her dress is covered in dirt!  We are exhausted but totally in love with our Kyla girl.

David is a handsome little baby.  He has such a wonderful personality.  He has a special spirit that draws you to him.  His smile makes you melt.  Nick will stay up for hours just to play with him and hold him.  He knows he should be resting for work but he says that David is just so infectious and when he looks at you, you just feel drawn to him. David is adored by his siblings.  If he lets out a little peep, they rush to his side, offering him anything he may want.  He loves just being in the same room as his siblings.  They always keep him smiling!

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