Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Zoo

Jeff & Mer were coming down to visit so Jones paid for all of us to have a private tour at the Zoo in Moapa.  It seemed like the place was packed even though we were the only ones there!

David loved being outside and having Jones all to himself.  His eyes were wide open and he looked at everything.

I can't remember what this was called but Kevin got down on the ground and it climbed up on his back.  He wasn't too sure about it but we all started to cheer for him so he thought he was pretty cool :o)

Nick and the boys LOVED the otters the most.  Every time we go to the Zoo Nick says that he wants to adopt an otter.  I told him we could put one in my Mom and Dad's pond, but he wants one at our house.

Kevin was really excited to see a Toucan and that he got to hold it!  The kids have been addicted to Rio lately and one of the main characters is a Toucan.  Wyatt was not brave enough to hold him but he still thought that he was awesome.

Kevin looks worried in this photo but he really wasn't.  He waited in line so that he could hold the BIG snake.  I was NOT excited about it.  I don't like snakes and think that people who hold them are insane!! But Nick encouraged him and he wanted to so I stood there and watched this HUGE snake curl around my son and tried not to have a heart attack!

And of course Nick had to have a turn holding the ridiculously large snake!  I may look like I'm standing close but I'm not.  I'm just zoomed in so I could get a picture :o)

The Zoo has this CrAzY monkey that they pack around.  He is still very young and very active.  Kevin had pockets with money in them and the monkey went crazy trying to open his pockets and pull everything out.  I wish that I had gotten some video because Kevin was laughing so hard he almost couldn't breathe! After we left Kevin couldn't decide if the Otters or the baby Monkey was his favorite.

Wyatt really wanted to hold the monkey too but he wasn't quite brave enough to do it by himself.  Daddy assured him that he would be safe and Wyatt had fun.  Sometimes the monkey moved too fast for him and he started to panic but Daddy just talked to him and he was very brave.

Mekyla was terrified, plain and simple.  She did NOT want to go anywhere near the monkey and she did NOT want the monkey to touch her.  Nick thought she might be okay on his lap but that was a big NO.  She freaked as soon as the monkey was set on Daddy's lap and she was crying and clawing and trying to get away.  Poor thing :o(

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