Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day Parade

Last year we missed the parade because the kids were at my parent's home and we woke up too late to go get them.  This year we were dressed and ready and waiting for the parade.  Nick doesn't really care for parades but I Love parades of any kind and the kids seem to take after me.

Luckily it wasn't very cold so we could really enjoy the parade!

The boys were so excited for it to start.  They kept looking down the road and asking, "is it coming yet?".  Once the helicopter flew over and the Parade started coming down the road the boys jumped up and down.

Of course Nick's favorite part of the parade was when Metro drove down the road.  He made sure the boys were just as excited as he was to watch the lights.

Wyatt was Totally excited about the candy.  We had to watch him very carefully because he wanted to run right up to the cars and grab the candy right from the people who were throwing it.

One of the EMTs was handing out fire hats.  Wyatt LOVED his!  He wore his the rest of the day and even slept in it that night.  I kept thinking he was going to flip the elastic and hit himself in the face but he was very careful.

I won't rant about the lady and her kids that were right next to us.  But if you go to a parade please be mindful of everyone around you and DON'T STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND GLARE AT MY 3 YEAR OLD WHEN YOUR 13 YEAR OLD RUNS HIM OVER TRYING TO GET CANDY!!!!!

Kevin had so much fun.  He liked his fireman hat but not as much as Wyatt.  He was a big helper and protected Wyatt from the crazy family we were standing next to.  He would pick up candy and hand it to Wyatt when he didn't get any.

Mekyla never left her Daddy's side.  She liked seeing all the floats and cars go by and she loved the candy that her brothers kept bringing to her but she just didn't want to leave Daddy.
David was a good boy.  He didn't fuss at all.  He seemed to enjoy the outing.  He sat on Nick's lap and just stared at everything.  David is very aware of things going on around him.  He is always just calmly sitting and watching.  Thank you to all the wonderful heroes who have fought for our country and our freedom.  We are forever grateful for your courage and sacrifice.

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Very cute pictures. :)