Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing in the rain

It rained while Kevin was at school. I was getting ready to lay Wyatt & Kyla down for naps when we heard the down pour. They didn't like running in the rain but they were really happy when the rain stopped and the river started.

Wyatt marched up and down the river singing a battle march of some kind.

Kyla giggled and followed Wyatt around like a puppy dog. She loved the water but I think she loved that it was Muddy water even more! This girl loves dirt and is learning to love water so she was pretty darn happy.

This flag is in our neighbors yard and the only good thing about windy days is watching this flag fly. Even with all the crap going on in our country, seeing our flag is still stirring and amazing to me.

So obviously they missed their naps because we stayed outside and played for hours. After they walked and ran through the water for an hour, I went inside and grabbed the boats from the tub and the kids were in heaven.  They had so much fun putting the boats in the water and then running down the side of the river to catch them.

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