Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dance Class

I signed up for an online deal. 6 weeks of dance classes for $39.  I put Kevin in Hip Hop and Kyla in "princess dancing".  I read all the reviews and looked at the studio and it looked like a lot of fun.  Kevin loves to dance and has wanted to take dancing lessons, so he was really excited.  Kyla was THRILLED about taking a princess dancing class and has not stopped talking about it.  She dances at home non stop.  We constantly hear, "Mom/Dad watch me dance" at home.  Well .....

when we got there she started to cry. When I pushed her into the classroom and they closed the door, she started to bawl and when they started dancing and asked her to join, she freaked out!  It is a small room so no parents are allowed in but one whole wall is a window so we can watch and they can see us.  About 20 minutes in Kyla stopped crying and just sat and watched.  Anytime the teacher (who was amazing with her) asked if she wanted to try, she would break down in tears again.  Finally after 40 minutes the teacher told Kyla that she didn't have to do anything and could just watch. Kyla was so relieved and actually started to laugh and dance a little when no one was looking at her.  We had a long talk in the car and she decided that if I painted her nails before next class she would be a big girl and dance!!

Kevin LOVED his class.  They start with a fun warm-up/stretch, then teach a few dance moves, then read a story and then dress the kids up and work on their dance moves they learned earlier (they dressed up as rapunzel in Kyla's class)  He came out of class beaming he was so happy.  He thought it was really fun and was excited to go again.  The only time I don't like living in a small town is when I think of all the great dance,music,sport classes that the kids are missing out on.

So 1 week down and 5 more to go.  After 5 weeks I will have to have Kev show off some of his new moves.  And hopefully sometime during the next 5 weeks they can actually get Kyla to move!

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