Monday, August 26, 2013

Kevin's 1st day of 1st Grade!


Kevin was SO excited this morning.  He came in at 7:am and said, "Mom
I have my new shoes on and my new pants and my new belt and my Ninjago
shirt. Should I brush my teeth and then eat or eat and then brush my
He helped me pack his lunch and picked a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich over a cheese sandwich?!? Totally unheard of for Kevin :o)
He was excited to see Kyen, his best friend. They are in the same
class this year.  When his school line started walking into the
building he looked back and waved and looked a little nervous but
happy. I was not the only Mom crying, there were alot of Moms crying
as their little babies walked away.
Nick gave him a blessing last night and told Kevin that he would be
able to understand all of the new rules and that he would learn to
love learning this year.
We are very proud of Kevin and what a big boy he is.  He is very smart
and has such a sweet heart.  I am excited to pick him up in a few
hours and find out all about his day!
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Pa said...

OK, time seems to be passing way to fast EXCEPT for your family pictures...they seem to be stuck in the past = )

Pa said...

Wait, forget that last post, I find I was on the wrong post page...who would have thought = )